2019 CiTEL Workshops Series

2019 CiTEL Workshop Series: Teaching in a Catholic School

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21 August 2019       Workshop 1: Teaching in a Catholic School (4-6pm)

This workshop will explore the core question of the ethos of a Catholic school. When someone becomes a member of a Catholic school community, what aspects of the deep Catholic educational tradition would she or he expect to encounter.
Presentation & discussion led by Dr Kevin Treston

5 September 2019  Workshop 2: Catholic Social Teachings (4-6pm)

According to Caritas, “Catholic Social Teachings covers all spheres of life – the economic, political, personal and spiritual. With human dignity at its centre, a holistic approach to development, founded on the principles of CST, is what Pope Paul VI called ‘authentic development’.” This workshop will explore the principles of Catholic Social Teachings (CST) and examine ways that they can be incorporated into every subject in the curriculum.
Presentation & discussion led by Steve Jorgensen (Lourdes Hill College)

9 October 2019       Workshop 3: What is happening in the Church now? Implications for Catholic school communities – Challenges and Opportunities.

Virtually all commentators on Christianity in the Western world agree that the church is experiencing a major crisis, with serious decline in membership and diminishing influence in the public domain. This workshop will provide the opportunity for teachers to learn more about the religious landscape and nature of the crisis in Western Christianity; leading to a better understanding of the implications and challenges for teachers in Catholic and faith-based schools.
Presentation & discussion led by Dr Kevin Treston


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2019 CiTEL Leadership Workshop Series (Archived)

Leadership Styles and Attributes to Build An Effective Contemporary Senior School Culture

Presenter: Mr Terry Niebling (LHC)

3 May 2019        4:00 - 6:00pm See EVENT PAGE: for booking and more information.