The CiTEL Directorate

The CiTEL Directorate provides governance, leadership, engagement and support in educational innovation, teaching and learning excellence and applied analytics. It aims to enhance and transform teaching, learning and creativity to achieve excellence in students’ experiences and outcomes.

The CiTEL Directorate is guided by the College Executive under the sponsorship of the Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching and works out of CiTEL. The membership of the CiTEL Directorate includes the Directors of CiTEL, Information Services, eLearning, Academic Mentoring and Learning Analytics as well as other senior staff by invitation.

The Directorate works on project and team bases, drawing on the expertise of staff across all areas of the school, as required. The Directorate is designed to respond to priorities identified by a governance structure that connects whole school improvement and faculty teaching and learning needs with institutional strategic priorities through the Senior Leadership Team.

The CiTEL Directorate is centred around two themes. The first is educational innovation and includes a focus on excellence in teaching and learning in the digital and global society and economy. The second theme is analytics and application and includes a focus on the implementation of LHC learning analytics for every student, in every class room, on every day. Responsibility for this work is shared across several areas including the Library and eLearning, with particular generative input from Digital and Learning Analytics.

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CiTEL Directorate Staff

Janet Buchan
Director of CiTEL

Dr Janet Buchan
Director of CiTEL

Kath Perrier

Ms Kath Perrier
Assistant Principal
Learning and Teaching

Fitzpatrick, Barry

Mr Barry Fitzpatrick
Director of Data Analytics

Hains, Catherine

Mrs Cathy Hains
Director of Information Services

Lewis, Raelee

Mrs Raelee Lewis
Director of Academic Mentoring

Russell, Andrew

Mr Andrew Russell
Director of ICT