eLearning @ Lourdes Hill College

At Lourdes Hill College, eLearning aims to support and extend the rich teaching and learning experiences that occur within the College.  The program provides staff and students with consistent, accurate and current information, tools and pedagogical strategies around the effective use of ICTs as outlined by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) General Capability in the Australian Curriculum. eLearning is an integral component of College activities, ensuring students have the skills and understandings required to successfully navigate a continually changing technology landscape both at school and into the future.

LHC Virtual: Students are provided continuous access to all course materials and collaboration spaces through LHC VirtualLHC Virtual is an online space which is used by subject teachers to make available a suite of digital resources which are carefully created and collated to cater to a range of learning styles, abilities and interests. These resources are created by College staff, by students or selected from validated, external sources.