Learning Futures 2020+ Project

LHC Learning Futures 2020+

At Lourdes Hill College we are deeply committed to teaching excellence and providing a relevant and high quality learning experience to prepare students for the world they will enter after leaving LHC. The LHC Learning Futures 2020+ Project offers all LHC parents, students and teachers the opportunity to give input and to share their ideas for the LHC learning experience into the future. This input will be gathered via community surveys during Term 4 2019.

The input from our community will contribute to the design of innovative and relevant learning experiences for our students and help ensure that we continue to provide high quality teaching for our students. The information collected from the surveys will be used within the College to inform our planning and strategic directions.

The Learning Futures 2020+ project builds on our previous research done in the 2016 Learning Futures Framework Project.

The LHC Learning Futures Project 2016

In 2016 CiTEL undertook an extensive research project that engaged widely with the College community and beyond. The LHC Learning Futures Project got to the heart of developing relevant College learning goals by researching "the big question". That is, what learning and teaching will/should/can look like in LHC classrooms and the broader learning environment in the future. The project methodology included interviews with external learning leaders and focus groups with staff, parents, LHC student leaders and university students. All staff, parents and students had the opportunity to share their vision for the future of learning and teaching at LHC via the Learning Futures Project online surveys.

Download a copy of the Project Report.

Learning Futures Framework

Link to the LHC Learnng Futures Framework

The findings from this ground-breaking study were used to inform college directions and the development of a new pedagogical framework, the new Learning Futures Framework, for Lourdes Hill College.

The new Learning Futures Framework was launched in Semester 2, 2017. The foundation of the new Framework is the LHC Classroom Learning Design process  that is used by all teachers in their teaching practice.

Learning futures

Personal Pedagogy Program


The Learning Futures Project highlighted that the key to good teaching is the development of effective, positive teacher-student relationships. This became a key focus for professional learning in 2017. LHC partnered with Bill Cropper from The Change Institute to develop and deliver the Personal Pedagogy Program. The Program was delivered as weekly PD during 2017 Term 1 SCAD. As part of continuing the focus on personal pedagogy, the CiTEL Studio worked with LHC Audio Visual and Bill Cropper to produce a series of videos for internal use to supplement the program.

LHC Staff: Access the video resources via the staff Professional Learning Workspace and Clickview.